Do Pheromones Work?

Do you want to attract the opposite sex? It is a fact of life that mammals give off what are called “pheromones”. To the human nose these male pheromones are odorless. However, our brain knows what they are and picks up on the scent. This results in a change in behavior as a flirtation begins.

Many people brush their teeth to keep their breath fresh. Others might chew gum, rinse with products like Listerine or Scope, and floss regularly. While all of these are definitely recommended as part of a fresh breath regimen, the most effective (and perhaps often neglected) method of freshening one’s breath is the regular use of a tongue scraper.

Diabetes for youngsters is an especially serious illness. This illness can be changed by taking medicines such as insulin and it can be controlled by maintaining a healthy way of life. However , it doesn’t erase the undeniable fact that this disease needs to be treated for life and without stringent discipline and correct health maintenance, it can cause various complications which can be life threatening. One should put into mind that caring for a child with diabetes is very important.

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