About David Helton

David Helton

David Helton, MD



Medical Research


M.D. and Ph.D. from Stanford University School of Medicine


  • Physician-Scientist Extraordinaire
  • Pioneering Medical Researcher
  • Founder of MedAdvance Research Institute


Dr. David Helton is a distinguished physician-scientist known for his groundbreaking medical research. With dual degrees in medicine and a Ph.D. from Stanford University School of Medicine, he has dedicated his career to advancing medical knowledge.

“My passion lies in bridging the gap between clinical practice and scientific discovery. Through research, we can unlock new treatments and improve patient care.”

— Dr. David Helton

Medical Research Expertise: Dr. David Helton expertise is in medical research, particularly in the field of translational medicine. He has conducted pioneering studies and founded the MedAdvance Research Institute, a hub for cutting-edge medical research.

Today, Dr. David Helton continues to push the boundaries of medical knowledge, seeking innovative solutions to complex medical challenges.

Research and Clinical Integration: As a physician-scientist, Dr. David advocates for the integration of research and clinical practice, believing that this synergy can lead to improved patient outcomes and advancements in medicine.

Areas of Expertise: Dr. David Helton areas of expertise encompass medical research, translational medicine, and the application of scientific discoveries to clinical care. His work has the potential to transform healthcare.

Educational Background: Dr. David Helton earned both his M.D. and Ph.D. from Stanford University School of Medicine, where he cultivated his passion for medical research and patient care.